5 Ugly Truths About Web Devolopment

1) Ignoring User Experience.
The worst Ugly truth being a Web Developer is, that most of the developers ignore the user experience of the site.

Being a web developer you should think of how to make maximum possible data available and cached at the system’s file-level in order to avoid redundant calls to the database.

2) Web Development Is The Creativity..
Creativity does not always mean to paint or draw.

Developing a website is “being creative”. Developing a website starts from scratch, putting your creative ideas and then creating a stylish & functional site. This all includes in your creative perseverance.

Moreover, in the world of web development, things are always evolving and developing that needs your creative skills to think and work.

3) Dont Depend On Google When Getting Stuck.
People think that "Guru" Google” will help you at all the technical issues you face during the development cycle. But That Is completely Wrong.

You should give it a try and get things done on your own. Yes, there are several groups and support groups which you can take help from and Devolp a masterpiece.

4) Demand For Making Changes In Website.
The client hardly gets satisfied and always asks changes of website repeatedly.

While making changes in website redesigning few some components from scratch required and changing in these components may also affect other components too. Hence these demand in changes from the user turns out Frustrating for the developers.

This can affect the building block of the website. But This reveals a ugly truth of being a developer that you have to re-built the developed website on user’s commands.

5) Lots Of Work To Earn Big Income.
Web decolopment is a really tough job, the brutal truth is that the marketplace wants to spend the least money on Website Development.

The worst thing about this job is clients want extra features in the website but are NOT willing to pay for these extra features.


  1. 1) Ignoring User Experience.
  2. 2) Web Development Is The Creativity.
  3. 3) Dont Depend On Google When Getting Stuck.
  4. 4) Demand For Making Changes In Website.
  5. 5) Lots Of Work To Earn Big Income.