5 Tips To Beome A Pro Gamer

1) Choose A Game.
Either pick a game that is establishing now or go with a well-established game. Plaing a game that is just establishing its base now will help the players to promote themselves more.

2) Practice & Learn When You Fall.
It is so fun to play games that you love and that you think you are good at. But is it possible for you to play for 8 to 9 hours a day? well, I dont think so, Because that is what is required to become a pro gamer, also playing games which you are good at and the games which are know world wide can help you a bit more in becoming a pro gamer. The top players schedule a practice against competitors as this wat they can truly advance there skill

3) Primary Income Source.
It is allways recommended to have a back plan, dropping out of school or quiting your work is probably not suggested to anyone of you, but until you have some kind of MONEY BACK UP PLAN which can support you at your gaming, In case you are earning some money from playing games and winning tournaments, or your live streams earning you, maybe you can look to start scaling back your everyday activities, but dropping off before the growth is not recommended.

4) Work On It.
Playing games for hours is good practice, but also you need to work upon some other aspects which can sharpen your edges.

5) Group Up.
Most of the pro gamers are part of a communities / groups , and you should also be , if it is in forum discussions or forming your own team, remember not to practice in a vacuum. taking Suggestion and Stratagies from your friends who also play games is important when you want to go pro at gaming.

6) Avoid Ranting.
Any player taking from best to a started loses,and losing is a part of life, when we fall down we need to learn from that and be back stringer, sharper, better. If you want to win you need to loose first and from that need to learn, we are humans and not laptops to not make mistakes, so avoid Ranting,and trash talk, and this will really help you to improve yout pro skills,

    Become A Pro Gamer

  1. 1) Choose A Game.
  2. 2) Practice & Learn When You Fall.
  3. 3) Primary Income Source.
  4. 4) Work On It.
  5. 5) Group Up.
  6. 6) Avoid Ranting.