How To Become A Data Analysist

What Does a Data Analyst Do?.
A data analyst is someone who gathers, processes and analyses on the large dataset base. They find how the data can be used to answer questions and solve issues. As the development is growing and has lead towards making of computers and also increasing move toward internet environment, data analysis has frield has devoloped. Growth of the relational database gave a new life to the data analysts, that gave the analysts a chance to use SQL to take the data from databases.

Required Skills For A Data Analysts.

  1. 1) Programming Languages:- Data analysts has to be at atleast one programming laungauge and also has to have an idea with few more. Data analysts mostly use programming languages like Phython to gather DATA & to visualize DATA.

  2. 2) Creative Thinking:- Creativity is very important for an Data Analyst. It’s important to have a strong base in startigical thinking with a creative and logical vission. This will help the analyst to generate unique research questions that will increase a company’s understanding.

  3. 3) Data Visualization:- A lot of trial and error leads to sucessful data visualization. Data analyst who is well experienced understands what types of graphs to use & scale up vission.

  4. 4) Knowledge Of Databases:- It is said that data is produced every minute, Companies mostly employ for database management for softwares such as MySQL to store and analyze data. Having good knowledge of how Data Base Managment System worksis important for an Data Analyst.

  5. 5) Microsoft Excel:- Data analysts should know how to work with excel by having a good experience with it.

    What Tools Data Dnalysts Use?

    1. 1) Google Analytics: Helps analysts in understanding customer data.
    2. 2) Tableau: Analysts use Tableau to collect and analyze data.
    3. 3) Github: Platform for sharing and building projects.
    4. 4) AWS: AWS is a cloud storage.

      Recap To Become A Data Analysist

    1. 1) What Does a Data Analyst Do?
    2. 2) Required Skills For A Data Analysts.
    3. 3) What Tools Data Dnalysts Use?