How To Become A Data Scientist

1) Learn to Code.
A Data scientist should surely learn to code laungauges. A coding expert might not be a great data scientist, But a great data scientist is said when is good at coding.

2) Problem Statement.
For every question, write the problem statement in plain English. This is also a good time to take a look at some technical examples of the problems that real companies encounter with the data science process

3) Knowledge Of Databases.
It is said that data is produced every minute, Companies mostly employ for database management for softwares such as MySQL to store and analyze data. Hving good knowledge of how Data Base Managment System works will certainly will give you your dream job as a data scientist.

4) Do Real Projects.
To become a good Data Scientist, the only option is to practice. Search the for projects on internet and take your time to build your own strong project along with concentrated learning in areas that still need to cope up..

5) Communication, Learning Data Thorougly.
Communication skills are really important for any data scientist, Data is for changing raw data in a form that is easy to learn, to analyze and visualize. Also there is a similar important skills in a data scientists which heavily rely on facilitating managerial and administrative decisions through data analysis.

    Recap To Become A Data Scientist

  1. 1) Learn to Code.
  2. 2) Problem Statement.
  3. 3) Knowledge Of Databases.
  4. 4) Do Real Projects.
  5. 5) Communication, Learning Data Thorougly.