5 Tips To Improve You Communication Skills

Never Talk Between When Others Are Talking

Communication is very important in our daily life! it makes our life easier and helps us in expressing our side! I am pretty sure most of us have broke someone in between while they were speaking just to put our POV, and this is absolutely wrong, when someone is speaking it is clear disrespect to interfere, wait till they finish then raise your words, but make sure you never interfere while someone is speaking as it is considered being absolutely rude, of course there are times when we are forced to do it and called as speaking up for ourselves! which is right according to the situation.

According to a short research which ADK has done we have acknowledged that nearly 76% of recruiters in companies focus on your communication skills followed by your actual skills, as very recruiter in a company finds this skill as a necessity.

Listen Through & Carefully

Most of us often never listen to the opposite person what he saying, and then later either judge or raise irrelevant questions, this is absolutely not encouraged, as this breaks a persons patience and can lead to issues. Listening through can help you in raising a lot of knowledge and helps you in increasing the ability to focus more! According to a short ADK research we have found  out that, the most common issue in everyone is “Improper Listening”  & when this happens there is a high chances of forgetting things we have heard very quickly! So it is recommended for everyone especially Students & Employees in any organisation to increase your listening skills!

The few best ways of increasing listening skills are 

  • Make sure to maintain your focus upon the speaker when he is speaking.
  • Try your best to preserve your valuable doubts for the last and avoid interrupting.
  • Try questioning yourself often what you have learned the day, and make a list of relevant and productive questions.
  • Focus on listening closely instead of passive listening.
  • Avoid judgements.

Body Language

It is said that 65% of all communication is non-verbal.But visual signs, your listener understands, agrees or disagrees with your message. And be aware that your body is sending signals, Every move you make counts and it conveys a meaning.

Maintain Eye Contact

According to ADK research Having a good eye contact makes a good relation with the speaker! of course it gets awkward sometimes, looking towards the speaker till the end of there lecture, so make sure maintaining a eye contact but not in a weird way, also having a way bond helps you in understanding what the speaker has spoke comparatively easily.

This is a small experiment TRY IT

Grab 2 mobiles and play any of your 2 favourite songs, place them 2 feet away or longer, and make sure one of the mobiles audio level is higher than other , now try making eye contact with first mobile the one with lower audio, and you will realise that even though the other mobile has higher audio level, you wouldn’t be able to hear that, while this mobile audio level is low and still managed to hear it! & that is because your brain is going to act accordingly on what you focus and make an eye contact with. Hence proved that making a good eye contact can help you in increasing your listening skills!

Ask Questions Often

Instead coming up with a solution, first help the people we’re talking with understand what it is that they want to do and why they want to do it. Understanding how important What and Why is will make us better communicators.

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