5 Reason Why Development Has Lot Of Demand in 2021

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You Don't Need A Degree

One of the best things about Development is that You Don’t Need A Degree, Development is purely based on a person’s skills & capability! Most of the MNC companies as well prefer to hire those with high skills rather than high qualification and least skills, Degree is something everyone can earn but skills are something which are always taken into priority by companies and clients! So convince yourself to learn the most skills at your free time!

Many developers do not have any formal degrees but still are managing to earn Five-figure Income!

You Can Have Huge Earnings

According to ADK research an average earning of a fresher web/app developer as a freelancer is 2.1lacks/year, this totally depends upon the developer’s skills & capabilities but the lowest fresher freelancer’s earning is this! with high skills are fast product delivery you can surely earn 10 times this per year as well as a freelancer

Many companies are willing to pay high salaries & incentives to hire the best skilled developers, And while salaries will vary depending on their experience, with web/app development skill, you’ll likely have a secure a job with great income.

As with many jobs in IT, ‘web/app developer’ has a lot of things and you’ll have the ability to specialise in different areas. The good thing about specialising is that it normally means more income and more demand. Learning more can surely get you to great heights of earning also there are possibilities to get 7-figure earnings as well!

code, coding, programming


As the requirement grows on for online platforms but have very less skilled developers in the market it has become a huge problem finding those with right skills, often most of the clients mostly give there mini projects to companies which hire skilled developers, and they charge nearly 3 times the market price for the project & this shows the amount of demand present in the market for Development.

Few of the languages which have most demand are

  • C Web Developer
  • WordPress Developer
  • PHP Web Developer
  • .NET Web Developer
  • Java Web Developer (Average Salary 3 Lacks/Year)
  • Full Stack Web Developer (average salary of 5 Lacks/year)
  • Front End Web Developer

According to jobs in IT companies, these are some of the most in-demand web development languages in India.

Become A Specialist

Selecting an in-demand programming language will mean you’ll always have work and will have more options in career. The money in flow will be higher too.

Few tips to remember while practicing Development are

  • Be Productive, just like all other skills this requires a lot of motivation & basic hard work as well! As languages get updates frequently, every developer needs to make sure he is upto the mark.
  • Learn everyday, there are many educational platforms such as Udemy which have the best courses which teach your from scratch, so it is recommended to learn development every day from various platforms and stay upto the mark with the most recent updates.
  • Be thorough with basic development skills such as  HTML/CSS, Java etc as these are basic languages which might be useful.
  • Set everyday goals.
  • Design creative pages everyday and upload your work on your portfolio.
  • Work on in-house projects and update in your portfolio.
  • Be Good At The Languages.
  • Learn Updated Versions Everyday.
  • Divide Your Work Equally.
  • Learn New Languages, Increase Your skills

Important Points to remember

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