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About me

Let me introduce myself. My name is Ashish Dintak. I am 18 years old. I love to do innovative and creative things, and something unique. So, I have started my own youtube channel at 14 which is based on tech , vlog , etc. I have more than 4000 + followers and more than 200,000 views in the span of 2 years. There are two reasons on why I have started my channel. The first reason is because I love to do unique things which others regret to do and the second reason is because I really wanted to be famous. I tried my best in posting videos as regular as possible , but due to my education, I unfortunately could not upload videos daily, but managed to upload videos every alternative day. I always have been bullied for what I have been doing as passion, but that did not stop me from continuing. When I started my channel, I had 0 followers, being bullied always, and pushed down. At that difficult movement, I always wanted to quit, but somewhere I had confidence that I will become really famous were many people will recognise me. So i did not quit, bared all the bullies, and did what I want . The growth was very slow. It took me 2 years to build an strong 4000+ followers on youtube and 2000+ followers on Instagram. Total of 6000+ followers on social media. When I started from 0 followers and made it more than 6000+ followers , all my teachers in school were also very happy to see me growing. Also, the bullys who always put me down came to me and asked me for a selfie . This is me and my story in last 2 years, but if I look back 3 to 4 years back, I was completely different. I did not have a thought of making a youtube channel, but I wanted to show my talent in making DIY items related to tech , so at around 14 years of age, I made a Portable power bank, which will charge upto 6 to 8 hours a day and my principal over there was very proud of me. They took me to the stage, encouraged me, and gave me a big round of applause , So this is my life from 4 years till now .

Now let me tell about my business and why I started my own business. When I explained about my life, I mentioned that I love to do creative things, become famous , and the reason I wanted to become famous is to start my own business so that i can get sales easily and earn money on my own, but I never told that at the age of 15 because everyone including my parents had no confidence on me that i would be successful so i never told anyone about that. I just worked on getting famous and even though I did not reach the level what I want, I still managed to get some fame and melt others heart with my good videos. The time was running and at around 17 years I finally took a decision to tell my parents about starting a business on my own and i was really scared about reaction but shockingly my dad was really proud of me for taking an matured step.

Now, let me explain about my business. Mine is a brand with name "HypeIt" like nike. I sell all types of products like caps , wrist bands , pop sockets , t shirts , hoodies etc but initially I am selling only 1 product so that i can get investment by showing sales statistics of the 1 product and then with the investment and the profit earned I will add on 1 more product, make it 2 products and then after selling all them, and getting the revenue, I will add on 1 more product and make it 3 , so this might look like a very silly strategy but this is one of the best ways to prevent losses and gain profits easily .

So this has been my life from 4 years. I know my story is a bit too long and it looks like a wimpy kid story lol , but i had to be honest . So i explained each and every part my 4 year journey on why I wanted to be famous , rich , and successful

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